This year, The DHAA 2021 Symposium Committee have chosen to support a Melbourne based charity called Pinchapoo.

Pinchapoo (slang for pinch-a-shampoo) is proudly responsible for creating a cheeky hotel toiletry ‘pinching’ movement 11 years ago… and for good reason!

Using this modern day Robin Hood concept, they have redistributed more than 5 MILLION personal hygiene products included in the cost of your hotel accommodation to hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged men, women and children nationally each year.

Pinchapoo is the biggest national NFP supplier of personal hygiene products and works with over 500 leading organisations, community groups and government institutions as a total hygiene solution, providing a reliable source of customised packs to EVERYBODY in EVERY situation of need.

Pinchapoo has also proudly rescued and repurposed over 400 tonne of essentials direct from manufactures and suppliers that were otherwise destined for landfill giving each product a chance to change a life and then be responsibly disposed of.

Their team works passionately to advocate access to personal hygiene products for both men and women EQUALLY. This is important from an early age where vital foundations of self-worth are established. Our schools hygiene support program ensures that those families doing it tough in our lowest socioeconomic communities nationally can access free essentials and remain confident contributors to both their classrooms and communities around them.

1 in 6 Australian families are forced to make the heart-breaking choice between buying food and personal hygiene products in our supermarkets every week. It is their vision that every Australian has access to this basic human right essential to our mental and physical wellbeing and this alarming statistic eradicated.

Dental kits are the one thing that goes into EVERY single pack they do and therefore is always in the highest demand. They use over 300K toothbrushes each year so any help they can get in the way of supply would be incredible!!

How can you help?

We will have Donation boxes located at the DHAA stand in the Trade Hall. Please bring along an oral care item to donate and if you’re staying in a hotel for the conference, pinch-a-shampoo (and the rest of the toiletries) and bring them In too!

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