Pre Symposium Workshops

Thursday 28 October 2021

Cost as indicated, Inclusive of morning or afternoon tea

9:00am – 12:00pm

Motivational Interviewing Workshop
special focus on parents & careers of children to improve their children’s oral health & dietary habits
Stav Zandes (at The Pullman, Albert Park)
Cost – $195 per person

About the Workshop

Do you want to… effectively motivate, encourage and support parents/carers to improve their children’s oral health and dietary habits?

Do you want to… learn practical tips to gain rapport quickly and effectively, and in turn, reduce the client’s resistance?

Do you want to… engage with your patients utilising the latest, evidence-based and practical information available?

 Do you want to… increase your confidence, knowledge and skills in motivating patients towards change?

If YES, then this half day training on motivational interviewing is for you!

 Learning Outcomes

At the end of this interactive three hour training session on MI, you will be able to:

  • understand client behaviour and motivation to change
  • utilise motivational interviewing skills to explore and resolve a client’s ambivalence and deal with resistance in a constructive and positive way
  • utilise practical communication skills to engage in conversation with parents and carers about their children’s oral health
  • provide practical tips and information to support positive lifestyle change that will improve their children’s oral health
  • put motivational interviewing into practice with a number of tailored case studies

Who Should Attend

  • professionals who would like to engage in the behaviour change conversation efficiently and effectively

9:00am – 12:00pm

Hall Crown Technique Workshop
Ashlinn Mason (at the Pullman, Albert Park)
Cost – $115 per person

Course Outline:

Hu-Friedy are excited to offer a brand new workshop on the Stainless Steel Crown Hall Technique. This workshop will teach you how to place stainless steel crowns on deciduous molars without the need for local anaesthetic or tooth preparation. Topics include the theory behind the Hall Technique, case selection, and practical hands on instruction. If you are looking to update your skills or just need a refresher this is the workshop for you!

This workshop will cover the following areas in detail:

  • Background of the Hall Technique – a proven method for managing caries and hypomineralised deciduous dentition in young children
  • Evidence – how does the Hall Technique compare to conventional restorative techniques
  • Careful case selection – Treatment planning and consent for the Hall Technique
  • Contraindications for use of Hall Technique
  • Fitting Hu-Friedy stainless steel crowns – hands on instruction for choosing the correct sized crowns and how to place them on deciduous molars

Participants will be able to:

  • Improve patient compliance
  • Reduce patient anxiety associated with dental treatment
  • Perform the Hall Technique with confidence
  • Achieve better health outcomes for paediatric patients

This course is suitable for:

  • Experienced Dentists, Oral Health Therapists, Dental Therapists who are looking to update their skills
  • New graduates (Dentists, Oral Health Therapists & Dental Therapists)

1:00pm – 4:00pm

Local Anaesthetics Workshop
performing a predictable IAN
Cathy Snelling, Dr A Starr and Sophie Karinicolas (at the ADC Examination Centre)
Cost – $275 per person

1:00pm – 4:00pm

Clear Aligners Workshop
Introduction to IPR, placing attachements and compliance monitoring
John Hagiliassis ( at The Pullman, Albert Park)
Cost – $100 per person

When broken down, Clear Aligner treatment is simply a series of well executed steps that allow us to provide patients with beautiful, healthy smiles without the need for braces.

In this workshop, Dr John and the AORTA team will comprehensively cover everything you need to know about IPR and attachments including hands on demonstration and what you need from your indemnity insurance to ensure you are safe and proficient. The team will also go through the secrets of getting and maintaining good patient compliance to ensure successful treatment.

The AORTA run workshop has the following intended learning outcomes (ILOs):

1 – Develop, refine and master their current communication skills to aligner specific topics such as: patients enquiring about aligners, starting treatment, motivation and compliance throughout the treatment and efficient liaison with the dentist/orthodontist to ensure high continuity of team approached care.

2 – Ensure they can use any intra oral scanner confidently to produce accurate and efficient digital scans/models

3 – Theory and hands on experience in applying composite attachments including troubleshooting. Participants should leave competent in placing attachments for the majority of aligner cases.

4 – Introduction to what IPR is and discussion on how it’s undertaken.

5 – Trouble shoot patient clear aligner care with scanners, patient motivation, dentist/orthodontist communication and attachment delivery.

Please note: due to the variation between each delegate’s existing scope – each clinician needs to refer to their individual scope of practice and their university for guidance on administering clear aligners under supervision of an orthodontist/dentist.

1:00pm – 4:00pm

Ergonomics and Instrumentation Workshop
Kimi Broadbent and Deb Brown

Hu Friedy ( at The Pullman, Albert Park)
Cost – $115 per person

Did you know that over 70% of Oral Health professionals have reported strain and injuries due to their posture and positioning, with Dental Hygienists and OHTs being the largest proportion of that population?

We will start the workshop with a focus on instrumentation, seat and hand positioning as well as advanced fulcrums to provide clinicians with knowledge of how to look after their bodies while looking after their patients!

In the second half, we will discuss common causes of body strains and injuries in the surgery and then have the opportunity to participate in an hour-long functional Pilates session with the fabulous Kimi Broadbent from the Pilates Vibe Studio in Southeast Melbourne.   Kimi is an internationally recognised Pilates teacher and will take us through a series of exercises that you can use both in surgery and at home to maintain good postural health for a happy work and home life!

*Please wear comfortable clothing or activewear as we will be getting on the floor to learn the exercises!  Each participant will be provided with their own Yoga mat to use and take home compliments of Hu-Friedy!

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